Engaged in Email

Engaged in Email

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There are 3 things needed to build a strong community online: relatable content, usefulness and consistency (we’re talking brand voice and content).

Engaged in email is great for connecting in the inbox. Since it’s such a sensitive space, this service focuses on what your audience engages with the most and builds content around those topics. Headlines, open and click-rates are most important here!

Don’t worry, if your audience is fairly new, we can create your content based on industry research while you analyze and adjust your strategy to what they like.

Posts are informative, encouraging, enticing, and aims to get your audience to respond to your calls-to-action.

This package includes a 3 - 5 email series to your audience to boost brand awareness as well as featured products and services. Add your branded graphics and GIFs once upon receipt. All content is your own after completion and can be revised as you see fit.

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