How to Craft Perfect Captions That Gain Sales on Instagram

With so many new online businesses launching, it’s important to have a distinct brand especially on a highly visual platform like Instagram. The best way to capture and maintain the attention of your audience is to have epic brand visuals and content they can use and care about. From past conversations, I’ve learned that many business owners don’t put that much thought into their captions on social media. This definitely has to change. Captions are the golden ticket to attracting the perfect audience alongside beautiful photos.

How to Build Tough Skin With Your Business

“That’s a little steep. I was thinking $XX”. How would that statement make you feel if a client approached you and said that about your prices? How do you feel about people telling you what they think you should charge? I bet you’d be surprised and possibly offended. You might feel frustrated or even confused about why someone would say that to you about your business. You might think to yourself, “I deliver value. I know my worth. I know how much work I put into this business”. And, depending on how rude the person is, you might say many things you're thinking.