Hey there! I'm Natalie, but most people call me Nat. I won't bore you with a "super official in third person" bio, so let's get straight to it:


I am a beauty entrepreneur, educator and lifestyle blogger based in Dallas, Texas.  I create content for women, professionally and personally, in three layers:



I share my best beauty tips and product knowledge for women (particularly of color) who obsess over maintaining their beauty goals! If you so happen to be a beauty professional, you're in for a treat! There's content just for you.



An entrepreneur at heart, I share tried and true strategies that help beauty pros and other digital creatives build influence in their niche with blogging/vlogging/social media outlets. My strategies teach emerging influencers what kinds of content to create for their brand outside of their portfolio. 

I also love sharing techniques through guided, steps-by-step tutorials and masterclasses to help build with professionals to get them to the next level.



Let's face it, life is not all about glam and business. A lot of us juggle motherhood, friendships, relationships, and work. I produce lifestyle content that inspire women through my podcast (coming soon!).

Fair warning, I am team "pro-swearing". If you're ears are sensitive, written content may be of better service. I also produce content about my style (what I wear), my obsessions (what I currently love), and my confessions (what I currently think and feel).

Something you should know about me now: I am a straight shooter and will say what many others will not. I try not to sprinkle sugar on things that need to be discussed (sugar-coating). If you follow me here and here, you'll see what I mean! 

I love to produce content that allow me to share personal preferences, thoughts, opinions, and desires with my audience. My goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain women who want to level up in every area of their life.

The back story.

  • [2009 - 2011] I studied cosmetology at Paul Mitchell the School - Dallas. [I am still a licensed cosmetologist today.]

  • [2012 - 2014] I worked in a salon environment as well as worked in my own suite [hated both].

  • [2014 - 20XX] I decided to niche down into my own bridal freelance business [love it, still freelance when I am not bloggin'].

  • [2015 - 2017] I started an online marketing business called Strategist Cafe to teach creatives how to use and sell information to grow and market their brand online. I quickly felt boxed in during this time because I have much more to give than just business advice, trust.

  • [2018 - 20XX] Lauched nataliegreagor.com to share myself in a broader light. The goal: to marry bridal knowledge and experience, my marketing strategies, and personal lifestyle to grow an influential brand that reaches more people.



I've also studied Business Accounting with a concentration in Auditing/Forensic Accounting so I am a tad bit obsessed with strategy and analytics. 



I am most energized when I am acquiring new knowledge and mastering new skills. I love independence, diversity, plenty of intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to execute new ideas!


I am so excited for you to join my world!