Side Hustles: Why Millennials Need a Side Hustle Today More Than Ever

Side Hustles: Why Millennials Need a Side Hustle Today More Than Ever

There are many people who hate Mondays (not me!), many people who get laid off because companies outsource work to other countries for cheaper labor, and many millennials (and younger) on social media today. It's only right that they make the best of it all. If you're a millennial, I wrote this blog specifically for you.


Why Millennials Need a Side Hustle Today More Than Ever - Natalie Greagor

Let's keep it real, everyone cannot successfully run a business. Entrepreneurship is the thing that many people talk about on and offline. While that is a dream for many people, there are some people who want to grow where they are. They are fine with leading in their role with their employer.


There's nothing wrong with wanting a 9 to 5 and growing within a company. There's nothing wrong with working for yourself. There are perks to both and regardless of which position you're in, you need a side hustle. Always keep a side hustle to cure your Monday blues, protect your pockets from layoffs, and stay alert and present on social.  


What I've learned over the years is that one income won't cut it. I've also learned that we were all given a skill, talent or knowledge that we can monetize. I call them your superpowers.


The thing about your superpowers is that no one can take them away from you. If you lose your job, your superpowers can keep you afloat. If you add more streams of income, the more freedom you'll have. Hey, you may start believing me when I say "Mondays are Bae".


I can't think of a time when I only had one income. I remember back in school when I was an intern at Washington Mutual (now Chase). I did hair on the side at my parent's house. As an younger adult, I've always worked in accounting with a side hustle of hair. I've worked in full time in beauty with a side hustle of design (resumes, social media graphics, etc.).  As you can see, I've always been a hustler. I just don’t believe in depending on one income.


Most millennials are multi-passionate and get bored quickly. Those that are working probably don't get to use their innovative and creative juices within their role. If you're in this position, there is light at the end of the tunnel!


The best side hustles to have are digital side hustles, making money online. There are 3 easy ways to do it. I earn money through all 3.

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Creating new money paths in your life is essential to your survival no matter what you're doing to earn a primary income. Here are a few reasons why you need one or a few hustles:


Consistent income/Financial Freedom

I really don’t see a reason of explaining this key point so let's move to the next, shall we?


Helping others

None of us are here for selfish gain. No matter where we are in life, we were created to help one another. While most of us work to pay the bills, there are several others who want more than that. I assume if you're still reading this blog, you're one of them.


YOU were put here to help others accomplish something. Having a side hustle will not only help you earn money but accomplish this too. Granted your side hustle may not be highly impactful, like curing world hunger. However, the smallest thing like selling your handwriting for a paid hand written project is still helping someone accomplish something. You're earning while doing it so it is still a win in my book.


Personal and professional growth

There will be trials and triumphs with anything you do in life so building, growing, and nurturing a side hustle is no different. There will be many people you meet along your journey too. All of these things should help you develop and grow for the improvement of your future. So if your side hustle is resume writing while you work at a law office as an assistant and go to school, that extra money can pay for your school, save for that house, or help you look fly in the office.


Stepping stone to bigger goals

Do what you have to do now to get where you want to be. Money that can made today can be contributed to your ultimate life goal to become debt free or buy whatever it is that you want for your family or yourself.  Don't look at your hustles as wasting time or money you can carelessly spend, use it then flip it so you can knock out your goals!


We can all take a note or two from our favorite moguls. Many have teams but they all started from scratch. Of course cons to having side hustles is less time to spend with your family or less you time. However, the long-term benefits are much more rewarding.


If you are lazy and just don't want more out of life, which is cool too. You do you. However, please have the courtesy to stay out the way for those who want more.


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Why Millennials Need a Side Hustle Today More Than Ever - Natalie Greagor
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