Top 10 Hardcore Lessons Every Online Business Owner Will Learn About Success

Top 10 Hardcore Lessons Every Online Business Owner Will Learn About Success

If you want the rewards of life, bravery and courage is the way to go! You have to be brave enough to get your hands dirty. Your journey will be full of every emotion possible, but in the end, --if you fight through, you’ll attain those rewards.


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There are 10 lessons you should expect to learn along your journey:

Constantly testing and pivoting is crucial

You will not get it right every time. In fact, you will get it wrong more than right because you have to learn what works for you and your business. What works for everyone else may not work for yours. You have to be okay with this. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong. This is why you have to test, give or time, and pivot if something isn’t working. This crucial piece of success is the exact path that all successful entrepreneurs take. Not one successful person will tell you that they have never failed. You will be wrong a lot. Accept this.

Research before you create

Time is of the essence in business but many of us want to win today. We want instant gratification. This isn’t how it works! There’s a saying, “invest in your business upfront, or you’ll end up paying twice later”. Well, not exactly those words but you get the message. Researching, doing your due diligence to your business, will save your time and money (big picture). Don’t be afraid to stop and review your plan before execution. This is a marathon! Your journey won’t stop. Do it right the first time.

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Lack of systems and processes create more work

If you do anything more than once, there should be templates, forms, and systems in place. The key to great customer service and timely business is systems and processes. You need systems to keep the structure in your business. You need processes for your systems to keep each piece streamlined and seamless as you complete transactions. I always recommend that business owners use Google Suite to stay organized. It offers a personalized business email, forms that your clients or customers can use, Docs and Sheets similar to Microsoft Word and Excel. All of these goodies are stored on a cloud.

For my business, I create folders based on my business and client needs. I keep documents and ideas in my cloud. I access these docs and photos anywhere and on any device.

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You also even need to stay organized with customer contacts. Building and nurturing the relationship with people who have invested in your business is imperative. For example, if you sell anything, you probably collect confidential information from your customers. You may need customer contacts for retention strategies (marketing to past customers to spend more with your business). You need a system to store those contacts. Use an email management system like Constant Contact. Create email blasts when you’re having a sale, or when you have an announcement to make. Make the content to your customers exclusive! This is another way your organization can bring in more money.

Constant Contact allows you to create beautiful emails, automated email series and has a surprisingly easy way to integrate with so many other platforms. It has one of the most fashionable styles I’ve seen to date. Try it for free, on me!

Never put all your eggs in one basket

Diversifying your portfolio is one of the best ways to keep a consistent income. When one income weakens or dissolves, you’ll have 2 or 3 more to keep a nice cash flow! You don’t have to have your hand in any and every industry. You can stick to your niche and compartmentalize what you sell and how you sell it. You can diversify by your products and services by selling separately, in groups or packages and through collaborations!

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You can’t do everything yourself

It is so hard for most of us to delegate to other people, but all successful people have stated this. You need a freakin’ team! Money may be tight. You may not know where your next dollar is going to come, but you can not do it alone.

My suggestion starting out is to collaborate with other newbies or emerging entrepreneurs like yourself and build together. Just make sure your businesses aren’t conflicting and that your audiences can gain something from one another.

If you are familiar with DJ Khaled, he does this well. He collaborates with several artists from all genres of music. Keep this concept in mind and go build something great within your community!

Consistency is non-negotiable

We all know that consistency in anything we do will produce results. If you want to know why your business is in its position, besides all other factors, take a look in this category. Ask yourself if you’re being consistent. Answer brutally and apply more pressure.

Failure is a part of the success

This is the #1 thing that holds people back. I still fight with many fears in my business, but I keep going. The best part of the journey you’ll be able to share with others is how you failed but conquered. Everyone fails. Breaking news, you aren’t special enough to avoid failure. None of us are. It is the only path to success. No detours.


Market intentionally

Marketing with intention gains results. Influencers online will preach that you need to know who you are talking to and that marketing to everyone is like marketing to no one. I get the thought process behind this. Like many people, it’s hard to focus on many projects all at once. They are suggestions that you go 100% hard on one because you’ll never be 100% in many.

Not being at 100% is okay with people who are multi-talented like me. It doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one project to be successful. This is where point #4 comes into play. To market successfully, you need to talk directly to your potential buyer. To market successfully for different projects simultaneously, you need a team!

Many will tell you not to do it, but it’s do-able! Many people are doing it. Just focus on doing YOU.

Self-care is not just a thing

#TeamNoSleep is for the birds. You need your rest. Your body will tell you when you’re doing the absolute most and need to relax. For the workaholics like myself, please take time to unplug from electronics. Don’t let the gurus and mega-influencers tell you that you’re being lazy or you should go harder if your body is telling you to have several seats! Guess who isn’t going to pay your medical bills if something happens to you? Them.

Self-care isn’t just two words coined together for the heck of it. It means to care for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness--for yourself. Being successful and honoring your business means to take care of yourself so you can be your best self.

Saying ‘No’ is healthy

‘No’ is a boundary for you. It has nothing to do with anyone else. It is a sign of love and trust for yourself and others you interact with. Saying ‘no’ and feeling bad is normal, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enforced. Too many overextend themselves. They over promise and under deliver.

I used to be a victim of trying to help way too many people at the same time and it burnt me. I unintentionally burnt them because I was too tired to deliver. Lesson learned.

If there are people who take advantage of you because you are too nice or for whatever reason, learn to say ‘no’. I did years ago and it’s helped me a ton! It taught me a lot about the people I was dealing with. It also taught others how to treat me. NO is for YOU. Not them.

These lessons seem simple until you're faced with getting through difficult times. None of these can be avoided. Accept them. Expect them. Navigate through them to strengthen your mental muscles and push thru!

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