The Best Things From the 90s I Will Never Stop Loving

The Best Things From the 90s I Will Never Stop Loving

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There are so many great memories from the 90s that many millennials share that Gen Z (7 - 23) will never know about. Our times without technology have been much safer with better ways to really relate, communicate and laugh in person. We had some really great times inside and outside of the house. That’s why I will never stop loving these memories about the 90s:

The Best Things From the 90s I Will Never Stop Loving - NATALIE GREAGOR


Black TV shows

Martin, In Living Color, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Family Matters, Parenthood, Different World, Jamie Foxx Show, In the House, The Cosby Show, and so many more to name were some of the best shows on television. The content on TV now that our children watch and are growing up with is interesting.

Our Gen Z babies are into YouTube so they watch a lot of staged and reality content but in the realist form. These aren’t actors and actresses with large contracts. These are everyday people recording their lives, pranks and reactions to other videos to make a living for themselves. Much different from the 90s, but I respect the hustle.

Our content was staged as well, but it definitely wasn’t dressed up to be reality, plus a lot of our content was filtered and showed people of color in a much more positive light than what they do today.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to say, “what did she just say/what did he say?” to my children. I make them turn off a lot of things when it’s too much. I get that I can’t protect my kids from everything but I will surely control what we watch together and what they watch in front of me.

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Love Notes

I don’t have any love notes from the 90s, but the feeling of getting, reading, and smelling a love note was the bomb! Most of us kept a shoe box and would use those love notes like we use screenshots today. How many of you can relate?


At the time, 90s love notes came from boys who expressed their emotions and sprayed their favorite cologne on the letter. The same thing goes for the young ladies except some of us used to kiss the paper with lip gloss or lipstick (just fast!) and spray our favorite perfume or body spray at the time.


Back then, you actually knew how a person felt without all of the guessing and mind games. For me, sometimes I’d receive pages of notes from boys expressing how they’ve felt. Granted, some of us were being fast *cough cough* but the love note collection memory is one to laugh about!


Super Mario

Y’all, I can’t tell you how excited I used to be to come home from middle school (some call it junior high), fix a big bowl of Captain Crunch and play Super Mario or Super Mario Kart on the Nintendo. I used to even enjoy my big brother play. I would literally sit there and watch him play the game and rooted for him quietly. He’d get mad if I tried to tell him how to play the game! Lol.

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R&B Music Groups

The 90s had the best R&B music groups. Music groups stayed together back in the day. Singers wrote and made music about the reality of how relationships grew and fell apart in the most genuine way. It just felt like heaven listening to lyrics and dreaming about how your life would be when you would get older. The music didn’t sound the same as it does today, and even if the songs talked about love or heartbreak, there were differences in the way each made you feel.


If there was a group, you’d definitely choose which singer you were or which one you'd date. There was always a crush somewhere in the mix or an alter ego depending on which way the wind blew.


Favorite groups of mine: Jagged Edge, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Boys II Men, 112, Total, Blackstreet, Dru Hill, Guy, H-town, 702, Total (way too many to name!)


The 90s just had a different type of joy. Much different that the version of happiness these days. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I appreciate in this tech age, but there is nothing remotely close in comparison to the sweet, memorable 90s.


Music on the answering machines and ring-back tones

This one is another hilarious thing because the dudes and young ladies would try to sound sexy and seductive on the phone (lmao!). One period, we listened to the music before you were prompted to leave a message. I wish I had a throwback audio recording to share how funny it was.


There was another period when you listened to music instead of hearing the phone ring before the answering machine picked up. Don’t get caught singing with the music and the person you’re calling picks up and catches you. You will get roasted! Those were fun times!


Windbreakers & Starter Jackets

In the area I was from, you had to have on something red. I used to always wonder why alot of us used to wear Chicago Bulls jackets and we were from Dallas. I learned at a later time that the only time you could wear blue is if the jacket was Cowboys and that was because it had a star on it. We won’t get into the why but alot of us had some really nice windbreakers and sports starter jackets.


Early morning cartoons

Waking up on Saturday morning while mom cooked breakfast gave me the best feeling! We’d watch a lot throughout the years but I’ll name a few of the favorites:

  • Tom & Jerry was such a classic cartoon.

  • Let's not forget the Looney Tunes!

  • I also loveeeeed The Animaniacs in the morning! Pinky & the Brain and those pigeons were hilarious!

  • The Proud Family with Kyla Pratt was such a pleasure to watch. I couldn’t stand those 3 sisters with the ugly teeth and braids.

  • The Ninja Turtles

  • X-men

  • Transformers

  • Thundercats

And of course, many more...

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$20 or less to fill up the tank

I got my first car when I was 14 years old. Mom passed away freshman summer so I didn’t start driving until the 10th grade or so with limitations. I used to do hair and work at a bank as an intern so I had my own coins. I don’t remember budgeting for gas ever, until a few years ago when the gas prices rose. I always knew $20.00 would get me filled up and where I need to be. Today, gas prices are just too disrespectful and I have to budget as if it was a credit card payment.


Staying outside all day before it got too dark

Some people had to come in the house before the streetlights came on. My limitations were a bit different. I was a tomboy and liked to ride bikes, roller skate, play basketball as a younger child. I would also want to play with the boys because the girls like to jump rope and play with dolls. I wasn’t having that.


Today, not many kids want to go outside. Almost everyone breathes technology. They don’t know what it’s like to be outside and enjoy that human contact for hours at a time, per day. Sometimes I wonder if they are really missing something with all of the bad things going on now. Either way, they will never experience what we did in the 90s.



Myspace was a social media platform that many of us used heavily. Again, we were such music babies. Most of us had music playing when you visited our page. We had bios, playlists of what we are listening to, a note section that we (the girls) used as a diary, and more!


You couldn’t tell me nothing about Tetris and my Gameboy. Not one thing! I guess this was a nerdy thing, but it helped me pass time and think critically. I couldn’t get past a certain level ever. I think it was level 15 or 16. So, I gave that up but I still play this game in spare time.


Human Conversation

Don’t get me wrong, I am very guilty about being on my phone way too much, but I remember that in person connection back in the day. You could hang out with someone, easily read their body language, and say what needs to be said much quicker. I am working on more human conversation instead of the phone now.

The Best Things From the 90s I Will Never Stop Loving - NATALIE GREAGOR


Nokia and Motorola cell phones

Everybody had a Motorola Razor it seemed like. It was very sleek, flat, and modern for the time. They came in different colors too! You were poppin’ if you had a Razor. Sadly, we all didn’t start out with that kind of phone. A lot of us started with that thick blue and silver Nokia phone. If you had a phone, period you were working with something!



I used to have several cases for my pager. The best thing about a pager is many of us learned to used the numbers to make words when we paged someone. We also learned how to type codes to deliver messages no one else knew but us. We acted as if we were secret agents for the CIA or something. We were a mess!


I am sure there are several memories from the 90s that aren’t on this list. I surely have many more to share but chose to limit my list. If you can think of some of your favorite memories, comment below.

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