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15 More Things to Fall in Love With When You’re Single

Today, you’re single. You look back to see how much you’ve lost. You think you’ve lost a piece of yourself during those times. You probably did as we all shed ourselves at times. Well here’s the thing, you never lost a piece of yourself. You just moved it down your priority list and the best part of being single again is falling in love with yourself again. After breakups, you’re supposed to reinvent yourself because now you have taken a few lessons with you from the experience.

27 Small but Very Impactful Ways to Be a Better Friend

Friendships are very important. They help us manage stress, increase joy, strategize resolutions, and grow personally and professionally. True friends hold our deepest fears and our greatest strengths. Friends watch us fail and fall but never leave. They stick around through all of the breakups. They are there for the graduations, babies, and life adventures. Those relationships need to be nurtured just as much as we nurture the romantic relationships we enter.

5 Things Every Power Circle of Friends Must Have + Personality of Each

I’ve always liked movies like Girls Trip or Why Did I Get Married Too because of the circle of friends that have their career in the movie. I love how they all contribute to the group with a certain personality too! Everyone has that crazy friend who does and says what they want, a logical friend, a friend that just can’t get over someone, a friend that is a money magnet, a friend that just has to be out of the house doing something else, and a friend that “knows-it-all”.

50 Fun Questions to Ask a Potential Mate to Break the Ice

As someone who enjoys conversation, I’ve realized that some people have a hard time starting or keeping the fire going with a potential mate. It’s not that they aren’t interested/interesting, it could be they just don’t know what to say (sometimes). My homies tell me it’s like pulling teeth when they try to get a woman to converse.

Free game: You guys are hunters. Most likely, they just aren’t that into you.