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3 Indisputable Ways A Ghost Blogger Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Although younger millennials in their mid-20s and Gen Z (ages 7 - 21) prefer other formats of content, blogging still produces great results especially for generations that don’t watch videos very often. There are people who still enjoy reading great articles about various topics (I am one of them!). These people may only use Facebook or LinkedIn on social and intentionally search for “good reads” on the internet.

With that said, consistency and great content are needed from you! You may not be the best writer, know what to say or know where to start with your blog or marketing strategy. Yet and still, it’s imperative to be present online to grow your business.

10 Strategic Ways To Create Extra Income

One assumption most people mistakenly make is that making money takes innovation. This is so untrue. It doesn’t take new innovation to build additional income. You can earn money from doing the simplest things but adding your own twist or flavor to what’s already been done. It really is that simple. You just have to do the work!