5 Things Every Power Circle of Friends Must Have + Personality of Each

5 Things Every Power Circle of Friends Must Have + Personality of Each

I’ve always liked movies like Girls Trip or Why Did I Get Married Too because of the circle of friends that have their career in the movie. I love how they all contribute to the group with a certain personality too! Everyone has that crazy friend who does and says what they want, a logical friend, a friend that just can’t get over someone, a friend that is a money magnet, a friend that just has to be out of the house doing something else, and a friend that “knows-it-all”.

Regardless of the kind of group or circle it is, they all share these same characteristics while each personality contributes to make the circle powerful and whole:

Similar Mindset

All of the friends have a “can-do/will-do” mindset. “It will get done” is often a statement that each can relate to. These friends have similar interests. A strong dedication to seeing each other win and the maturity to help their sister-friend get ahead. All of these friends execute, period.

Contributed Strengths

Where you have a weakness, your friends have strengths and vice versa. This is what makes the circle tight-knitted. If you’ve noticed, in every girl flick or even circle in your own life, you’ll notice many yin and yang connections between friends regardless of the gender. These duos offset each other in many areas of strength of business, family, conversation, relationships and more.


This key point is the best connection about power circles. There is no clingyness and crazy obligations for being friends in this group. Everyone has a different life, different commitments, and other things going on. There isn’t a big deal when distances are between them. When it’s time to catch up, it’s a blast like they’d been talking everyday. Personally, I prefer friendships like this. Friendships that aren’t questioned when distance and many life events happen. Friendships that allow everyone to breathe and nothing is taken personal.

Strong Network

Since this group comes from various different backgrounds, we are sure to meet new resourceful people along the way. Every friend in a power circle knows to nurture relationships to keep a strong network. If you need a certain person to help you accomplish goals, someone knows someone who can help you meet it! This is the best perk anyone could ask for. Who doesn’t love to have friends who are “the plug”.

High Work Ethic

Remember that “can do/will do” attitude I mentioned in the mindset section? This mindset highly contributes to a higher work ethic. They get the job done or hire someone who can do what they want. No one ever worries about ideas going by the waste side. This is a group of hard workers and you can bet your last dollar that you can count on “tasks completed” conversations quite often.

Now that we know what kinds of characteristics and traits a power circle has, let’s get into the personalities of each:

The Practical Thinker. Every circle has a neutral/not overly emotional and reactive personality. This person is not very fond of super imaginative and risky projects or tasks. This person keeps everyone grounded and balanced in thought. He/she gives a logical perspective.

The Comedian. Every power circle has a friend with a great sense of humor, one who knows how to lighten a mood. This friend can make you tear from laughter and snort embarrassingly without saying a word. I may or may not be this friend in the power circle. I give everything and almost everyone a nickname. Let’s just say I love to laugh and keep an inside joke poppin’.

The Risk Taker. This friend is just about that life. They decide now and will deal with the consequences later. Lots of times it works out in their favor. This friend is more of a calculated risk taker and can push the circle to think and make huge business decisions when needed.

The Compassionate One. The kubaya friend who wants the world to be a better place and rightfully so. This hakuna matata friend is the one who cares a lot about others and teaches everyone to give more in the circle. Everyone needs this person. They are very dedicated to their community and culture, plus they give like none other.

The Brutally Honest friend.  Well, if you do not have tough skin or you don’t want to hear the raw truth, you can’t or shouldn’t call this friend. This one will hurt your feelings if it takes you to hear the truth, but it will always be from a place of love. The honest friend is never coming from a place of malice, but will definitely not sprinkle any sugar on the truth for you.


We all need to have these kinds of people in our life who means us well and loves us unconditionally. We also need to be the people we needed at one point or the other to those same people. A power circle is a group of people whose success matters as much as the other person. They keep each other balanced.

Are you apart of a power circle? Or, do you know a power circle of women/men you admire? Remember you can always start and nurture your own circle. Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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