3 Indisputable Ways A Ghost Blogger Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

3 Indisputable Ways A Ghost Blogger Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Many people believe blogging is dead. I’d like to argue that text still rules the internet. People search and find content to consume through text. Then, they proceed to read, hear, or view their choice of material to digest.

Blogging is not as popular as audio and video content especially, but it still holds its weight.

Although younger millennials in their mid-20s and Gen Z (ages 7 - 21) prefer other formats of content, blogging still produces great results especially for generations that don’t watch videos very often. There are people who still enjoy reading great articles about various topics (I am one of them!). These people may only use Facebook or LinkedIn on social and intentionally search for “good reads” on the internet.

With that said, consistency and great content are needed from you! You may not be the best writer, know what to say or know where to start with your blog or marketing strategy. Yet and still, it’s imperative to be present online to grow your business.


First, let’s answer the first few questions that will come up:

What the heck is a ghost blogger?

It is the same as a ghost writer which is a person who produces content behind the scenes before the owner or brand takes ownership of it. The owner then presents it to its audience after adding their own $0.02 to it. Think about your favorite music artists. Many write their own content but they also sing or rap content that others have written for them. Several artists collaborate with other creatives to make their content and brand flourish.

Your brand/blog is no different.

Why would I hire someone to write for me? Would that make my brand less authentic?

Hiring someone to write for you is answered thoroughly in this blog, please keep reading. Secondly, it will not take authentication away from your brand because you are completely involved in the process. This isn’t a hands-off strategy. It’s still your business! The authentication stays with you since you have the final say when blogs are completed. Hiring a ghost blogger, permanent or temporary, will stir you in the right direction.

The absolute most important reasons why a ghost blogger will be a great benefit to you and your brand. Here’s why:

Buy yourself more time

If you are super busy with work and other things in your personal life but need to stay on the internet’s radar, delegating this marketing strategy will be a great service to you. Even if you don’t enjoy blogging, but know its importance, you can’t go wrong with this option!

The key is to find someone who has a similar writing style and tone. This is super important! You also need someone with a broad amount of knowledge around the topics you want to focus on. I repeat, make sure their tone will connect with your audience.

If you are just starting out, you (the brand honcho) and the ghost blogger will work closely to create the direction and sound of your brand tone.

While you’re servicing clients or packaging orders, your blogger can create written content that will get your brand connected to search engines. This will bring more targeted traffic to your website with ease.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with why your business needs a blog, take notes of its benefits:

(1) to create and introduce your brand’s voice

(2) to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your field

(3) to increase sales and email sign ups

Get assistance with articulation and structure

Hiring a ghost blogger can be temporary for sure! It doesn’t mean that someone else will spread their personality and voice across your blog and misrepresent your brand. It can help you as a writer in the future.

I can’t tell you the number of clients I’ve had or the people I’ve met that know their niche or a certain subject very well, but can not articulate it in such a way to it reaches their target audience.

I have literally tried to teach my content marketing strategy to some who I consider being the best in the game. They just simply don’t have the time to produce content for their brand on a consistent basis in the areas that need attention.

Working closely with the ghostwriter is damn near “on the job” training for those who understand this concept better. As the owner of the blog, you make all final edits and changes as you see fit to present your content in the best light. The way your blogs are structured and the simplicity of explanation in a blog can serve as a template or cheat sheet to help you structure and articulate blogs in the future.

Remain consistent online

The last and most important benefit of hiring a ghost blogger is to keep fresh content on your website. We are talking fresh, relatable, and useful content for your audience regarding subjects that they care about. If you are focusing on one business area, chances are (if you don’t have a team) other areas of business are not being attended to. The goal is to remain consistent in many areas.

Search engines love fresh content! It looks at what people are searching for in keywords or key phrases and presents your content to those in need of it. The gag is that you have to consistently produce content so Google, Bing, and other search engines know that your blog is still booming!

All of these benefits will improve your marketing strategy if you lack the time to sit and write engaging content. That’s why I’ve launched my writing services to help those who have the knowledge but not the words or time.

If you know you are the SME (subject matter expert) in your field but don’t know how to present the information to your audience in written form, choose a ghost blogger and see how much it teaches you.

Interested in learning more about ghost blogging services? Click here.

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