15 More Things to Fall in Love With When You’re Single

15 More Things to Fall in Love With When You’re Single

So, you’ve met this guy/girl. You’ve decided to try the commitment thing. You get past the honeymoon stage and start seeing the real them. You know they always send their “representative” to meet you first, right? Most people do anyway. This is the person who you actually fall in love with.

You meet the person they want you to like or fall in love with, not what’s underneath the layer of fluff. Turns out, there were red flags and signs that you ignored in the beginning because you liked them so much. You’ve also probably made some changes to your life to accommodate them or help them in some way. It happens to the best of us.

Today, you’re single. You look back to see how much you’ve lost. You think you’ve lost a piece of yourself during those times. You probably did as we all shed ourselves at times. Well here’s the thing, you never lost a piece of yourself. You just moved it down your priority list and the best part of being single again is falling in love with yourself again. After breakups, you’re supposed to reinvent yourself because now you have taken a few lessons with you from the experience.


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So, if you’re here. I offer 15 more things to fall in love with when you’re single:

Fall in love with personal growth.

Get very familiar with solitude. You may ache from the pain but deal with it best you can until you’re 100% okay with being alone. It’s okay to not be okay.

Everything that happens to you is a reflection of your personal growth, especially while you are single. Read and consume positive information. Get rid of toxic people and things that stunt your growth. Find all the good things in your life and water it.

A few good reads:

Fall in love with living outside of your habits.

Living sounds so blah because you may hear it all the time, but fall in love with actually getting out of your house and out of your own head. Find things that you want to do and places that you want to go before you die. Make a list of those things and plan to do them with friends, family, or alone. When you are single, you have time to do so much for yourself. This is a start!

Fall in love with good people.

You are a good person. There are other good people in this world despite what you’ve experienced. Don’t choose to be isolated all the time. Being around good people is also great for your growth. Find good genuine people online if you can’t find anyone to your liking in your community. There are groups of all kinds of people that do what you love to do when no one close to you does. There are travel groups, dance groups, religious groups and more. It’s out there if you look for it.

Fall in love with solo dates.

Do the things that you used to love to do when you were dating while you are single. Go enjoy a movie in the middle of the day. Go out to eat. Take a walk around the park and enjoy nature. If you love your own company, you will enjoy time with others and won’t trip when it’s time to be back by yourself.

Fall in love with cooking.

Pinterest is a great resource for cooking for men and women. I don’t care if you are male or female. You need to learn how to cook. Learn how to cook your favorite meals and/or the basics. If you are a male and your wife gets sick, you should be able to take care of her. Besides, men who can cook are very sexy. #NatTaughtYou

You may enjoy what I am “pinning” on my Food Porn Pinterest Board.

Fall in love with live music.

I’ve fallen in love with concerts lately. I’ve never felt such pleasure with live music, dancing and screaming around other people who are just as crazy as I am! It is quite therapeutic if you are outgoing. If you are shy, this suggestion may not be for you. Try attending a concert by yourself. You will meet other people there, trust me. If no one else wants to go to see your favorite artists, go alone and hope that your concert neighbors are just as excited as you are!

Fall in love with investing.

Find ways to flip your money. Research and learning something new will always take your mind off of whatever is distracting you from growing into a stronger person while you are single. Any disposable cash you have while you are single should be saved and/or invested.

Most of us make this mistake while we are young. We try to party which is okay but we waste thousands of dollars on the wrong things. When we get a family or a companion, that’s when we start thinking more carefully about what we do with our money. Let’s practice making money while we are single.

Fall in love with solo trips.

Fly somewhere solo! This one right here is one I plan on doing a lot. Not that I don’t want to spend time with my friends. But, it’s definitely something I know will help liberate my spirit. Find places to go that will keep you busy but will allow you to spend time alone away from home. Get you a really nice suite, order a nice dinner or go out to eat one. Come back and RELAX.

Fall in love with DIY projects.

Building and re-purposing old furniture, painting, interior design project, candle making, lettering (Example: calligraphy), crochet projects and more. There are a ton of things you can learn. Go to Pinterest for project ideas. Create some boards like mine, and spend your time doing something productive and ADD to your life.

Fall in love with writing.

Journaling has worked for so many people. It can be a great therapeutic relief. Not only can you track any kind of habit that you have like mood swings, spending, and other habitual things, you can also express each day with an update depending on what kind of journal you prefer.

If journaling is too routine for you, write your life story. Write everything as you saw and how you see it now. Even the nasty, regretful, shameful parts. Write how it made you feel and how you handled it or could have handled it. Be the narrator of your own life story. Then, make a conscious effort to change your narrative in real life if you don’t like how your life has been going. You are the narrator of your life, write something new!

A few of my favorite journals:

Fall in love staycations.

Money a little funny to travel too far? Stay within the city. Pack your bag, some nice clothes (just in case) and whatever books, laptop, tablets, etc. that you need and change the scenery of your norm. Travel far enough to reprogram your mind, but close enough to get back home if needed.

Fall in love with road trips.

Grab a friend and hit the road! Or, just drive until your spirit tells you to stay or when to come home. Day trips are so bomb! Pack a bag just in case you decide to stay. Just get in your car and GO! Road trips are a great way to think to yourself for yourself. They are great for new scenery and meeting people you can act a whole fool in front of and never see again!

Fall in love with beauty and self-care.

Maybe the spa is your thing. Maybe you need someone to stretch your muscles with hot oils and massages. Get a gel pedicure with a bomb sea salt scrub! It will make your feet feel amazing.

Fellas, pedicures can be your thing too. Ladies appreciate a guy that takes care of their feet!


Fall in love with paint & sip parties.

If you aren’t into the whole beauty thing, try sparking your creative side. It may be a newly discovered talent or hobby of yours. Google your city’s name before the words “paint & sip parties” to see what’s happening in your city. Grab a friend and go paint something Picasso!

Fall in love with wine tasting.

You may or may not be into wine, but it can definitely be a great benefit for you. Whether you taste it, collect it, or want to learn how to cook with wine, this could be a great adventure for you.

Sidenote: Aren’t these wine glasses the BOMB!?

There are ton of things to do when you single. A ton of drama free, hurt free things you could be doing outside of being in the wrong relationship, entertaining the wrong people and wasting money on things that won’t yield a worthy return. Date yourself, find good people that ADD to your journey and grow into your true self until your special person comes to add to you!

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