10 Strategic Ways To Create Extra Income

10 Strategic Ways To Create Extra Income

When people find out all of the things that I do to make money, I always get the same response about how much work I do. Their responses are usually something relating to the things they claim they can’t do, how they aren’t talented enough, and how they don’t know what their purpose is. When this happens, I’ll try to help them find something great that they are skilled at and can monetize, or I help them learn about opportunities that they can research and build from. Since I find myself talking about money pretty often, I’ve decided to write this blog.


For those of you who don’t know how I earn my money,  I'm a GL Accountant by day (at the time I am writing this blog). I plan to let this go very, very soon! I’m also a part-time contract Accountant for a book publishing company. I am a beauty freelancer servicing hair and make up clients, on-location, during the weekends. This will become more of my primary income once I let the full time gig go.

Additionally, I run nataliegreagor.com, my lifestyle blog that covers beauty, business, style plus more! I have a few more side hustles such as revamping and designing resumes or creating content material for other businesses as a ghost writer/blogger, etc. As you can see, I am a multi-passionate solopreneur and stay pretty busy on and offline.

I don’t expect people to have several different hustles like me nor do I think this type of work is for everyone. For me, these are short term projects to help me reach my ultimate life goal.

With that being said, I want to share how you too can create additional streams of income so you can accomplish your long-term goals.

One assumption most people mistakenly make is that making money takes innovation. This is so untrue. It doesn’t take new innovation to build additional income. You can earn money from doing the simplest things but adding your own twist or flavor to what’s already been done. It really is that simple. You just have to do the work!

Do not let the excuse of “everyone is doing it” stop you from jumping out there. Do you think Mercedes will stop making cars because Lexus does? Will Adidas stop production because Puma does the same thing? No. Get rid of that excuse because that is exactly what it is.

So, let’s see what you may be good at so you can get some extra cash in your pocket!

Do you love to cook?

Write a cookbook for single people (get specific “Single Men” or Busy couples) and sell it online everywhere! This takes very little, if any, money to start up and to make money from!

Create an ebook for college kids with little to no money.  You’d probably sell this on the lower end considering that most college kids don’t have money or get clever and target their parents with your marketing strategy, especially during “back to school” seasons.

Are you pretty tech savvy?

Design website templates for start-ups and sell them. I can’t tell you how many people start businesses with no website and continue without one throughout the years. While this works for older businesses, it may not for younger generations. There’s a market for you here! Find older business owners who don’t have a presence online and make it your business to get them one with your tech skills.

Make short promo videos for start-up businesses. Again, we are in a tech age that caters to younger generations, and video is where it’s at as far as marketing goes. Research this, find a need or void, and fill it with your talent.

Have money and you don’t know what to do with it?

Become an angel investor. Put money into someone else’s business and ask for a percentage from their profit (always use contracts!). Warning: If they take a loss, so do you so make sure all terms are clear and concise!

Buy a building, design a modern feel, and sell co-working spaces. Note:Your design doesn’t have to be modern, but remember the more attractive and inviting, the more receptive people are to your fees. Rent the space to study groups, start up companies that don’t have a physical location to work from, and/or rent your space for networking events.

Are you an excellent writer?

Blog flip. Write content that is both evergreen and seasonal. Get familiar with Google and what it takes to get seen online. Grow an engaging audience for the blog, and sell it to a brand that needs the traffic from relative content and earn a profit.

Become a content writer for businesses. Find freelance jobs that pay online in a niche that you’re great at. Or, create a few sample pieces showing different writing styles to showcase your skills. Pitch brands that need your services with a great marketing offer that they can’t resist!


Don’t care how the money is made?

Buy things from yard sales, Facebook market, Craigslist or any other online market and sell it on ebay or vice versus. Find out what people are searching for the most with the search fields within the markets. Look at what’s popular or trending. Find those items and up-sell it online.

Buy old furniture (possibly from the sources above), repurpose it and resell it. Re-paint, re-buff and replace with a nice wood paint or finish. If that doesn’t interest you, find cool little DIY things to do with the old furniture and sell it.  Pinterest has a ton of ideas!

Learn how to coupon (buy products for little to no money at the store using several coupons) resell it in package deals to other people. People are actually making a comfortable living from doing this. There is a market for it, trust me! Some people are even selling the coupons themselves in packages and allowing people to shop for themselves. This suggestion takes a lot of patience but is very rewarding!

There are so many things you could do to make more money. You have to be willing to do the work!

Curious about how your habits or skills can be monetized? I have a ton of ideas! Let’s chat in a paid one on one strategy session. Not only can you pick my brain for ideas, we can discover your passion and/or purpose create a profit strategy to get more income in your pocket. Contact me here.

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