Natalie Greagor WRITES

Imagine having a highly engaged audience that actually reads your social media captions and applauds your feed for the information you give them.

Imagine replies to your email blasts thanking you because you’ve answered questions that your subscribers have had plus you’ve provided direction towards the solution.

Imagine tons of website traffic and notable blog comments because of highly targeted content that builds authority for your brand and displays expertise in your field.

Sounds amazing, right?

Maybe you have a product or service that your market needs, but you don’t know how to tell them they need it.

Maybe you don’t have the time to craft social media, email and blog content so you post what you can, when you can.

Maybe your business is already boomin’ and you just don’t see the point of it.

No matter where you are on the scale of no words to no point, relatable-useful content will always exponentially grow your business online.

Natalie Greagor

Hi, I’m Natalie!

I created Natalie Greagor Writes to carefully craft evergreen content for someone just like you!

>> Transform your social and web platforms to a magnetic brand by narrowing your audience to more ideal clients versus bystanders simply watching to see what you’ll do next.

>> Get popular with the search engines by publishing highly targeted content that will not only attract more traffic, but help will also close deals and generate more sales!

>> Buy yourself more time with this “done-for-you” writing service that allows you to simply schedule and post.



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Do you need more words?

Natalie is quietly yet unapologetically the best there is. She has a knack for seeing things full scope and teasing out perfect content that not only resonates with our target audience, but encourages them to invest in our products and services. We absolutely love working with Natalie because she helps us create synergy between our marketing objective and messaging across all channels.



Natalie Greagor Writes features three service options:


What you should know:

My ideal client criteria consists of a brand that understands how powerful content marketing is online. IF:

  • You’re a creative entrepreneur that fully understands your ideal client.

  • You appreciate my style and tone of writing as it is extremely conversational.

  • You are ready to INVEST in your business as you know the return will be worth it with our collaborative efforts!

  • You fit my ideal client criteria, invest now.


There are two kinds of businesses:

  • the business that posts vague content that relates to almost no one, and

  • the business that posts with intent to connect with its members, grow revenue and profit, and be a resource for its clients and customers

Which one are you?

P.S. For special requests and projects, please email with the words “Special Request or Special Project” in the subject line. If accepted, you will receive a special quote via email.