Natalie Greagor

Hey, I’m Nat!

I am a creative, writer, and mindset influencer; multi-passionate to say the least. My content encourages people to own who they are and who they are not, to heal from their past and look damn good while do it.

To believe. To brew. To become.

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Style: What Nat Wore

What Nat Wore is a collective of my personal style with green, black and white. You’ll also find a bomb list of product crushes, my favorite places to shop and fashion inspiration for the millennial lady!


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My confessions create a dialogue about mindset, dating, business, and the importance of the spiritual, financial, and physical glow up!

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Good reads, learning how to make money, networking and listening to music are also a form a therapy you can’t pass up. Dive in!

Natalie Greagor

Grow with me!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, my goal is to create impactful content for readers, clients, and business partners that promote personal and professional growth.


Business: Writing & Consulting

I love teaching fellow creatives strategy for the digital space. I also love creating content for creative who have an amazing product or service and need the right words to connect with their audience!


Life is a game, play it.

Life is a challenge, Meet it.

Life is an opportunity, Capture it.

— Unknown