The Best Way to Date a Single Woman Who's Building Her Empire

The Best Way to Date a Single Woman Who's Building Her Empire

Dating and starting a business can be hard especially when the people we court don’t get the sacrifices necessary to accomplish goals. Not all people aspire to be great. Those who don’t often have a hard time dating those that do. That’s why it’s important to know and wholeheartedly understand how to date someone, a woman in particular, as an asset and grow with her instead of becoming a liability during her journey.

There are a few things you should know and do before you pursue your woman and after you get her:



Respect her hustle

How can you be with anyone and not respect their courage to take risks and live a better life?

I used to be super naive when I’d hear that a man would become jealous of a woman’s success. I honestly didn’t think that was possible. I didn’t understand why that would happen. Because there are so many women expecting to get ahead the easy way, I thought there has to be some respect present for the women who are getting out there and risking it all for an improved life.

Apparently, this is not always the case. To date a woman building a solid future, you have to respect the woman who is setting up and conducting business meetings, earning her keep, taking care of home and kids, leading interns, teaching and encouraging clients and more. You must respect the woman bringing assets to the table. Respect her as an asset, period.


Respect her time

Time is valuable in any aspect. If you want to date a single woman who’s building an empire, you better make sure the attention you get is highly valued. You won’t get that same energy or attention back once you lose it.

Wasting my time is a pet peeve of mine to say the least. The most important thing you must do is not waste her time or attention. If you see a woman on the grind and you can’t add to her financially, spiritually, mentally or physically, leave her alone for goodness sake. A lot of time guys know that they aren’t ready for a woman who seems to have her shit together. Guys know they don’t have much to bring to the table in comparison to her. They still pursue anyway. Whatever your reason for pursuing may be, when or if you get her time, please make it worthy.


Communicate intent upfront

Fellas, a lot of women are out here looking for love, but some of us who are busy and have something to lose want temporary company and/or companionship just like you. I am not talking about sex. I am talking about dating and spending time with someone you truly enjoy in spare time.

When we have time to kick it, we want to be able to kick it without any drama or complaining especially if your only reason for existing is to waste our time anyway. Contrary to popular belief, every woman isn’t in a rush to be in a committed relationship because our priorities aren’t always aligned that way.

What we don’t want is for you to fail at #1 and #2 on this list. State what you want initially and allow us the opportunity to choose for ourselves. Do not choose for us. Often times we want the same as you, but you won’t learn that by being misleading and getting in the way. If and when that business woman is ready for something serious, she will tell you (upfront or when it grows to that point). If you meet an alpha female like myself, she will definitely let you know what the deal is!


Understand her priorities

You have needs. I get it. Since we are talking about dating only and not marriage here, I will address the fact that your needs must be reasonable considering who you are dating and why.

The truth: Most days, work comes first because love don’t pay the bills.

Understand that the show will not stop because the woman you are smitten by is focused on elevation. We have the ability to make you feel like royalty, but we also have the ability to place the money makers first. Don’t shame us for that!


Support the movement

Support is absolutely non-negotiable even if you don’t give a flip about what that woman is actually doing. You should support because she’s happy doing what she loves. If she is happy, you should at the very least be happy for her.

Support can come in many forms such as telling her “I am proud of everything you’re doing”, or telling your people about her movement. Again, if your lady is grinding her heart out, you better be on the side of her cheering her on, telling the people who need what she has to offer about her and most importantly, be there to help her with what she needs when you can.


Is she up late writing a blog? Editing a video? Creating a tutorial? On conference calls? Styling clients? Designing?


Think about the things you can do to help her. What could she need help with outside of business? Find out what would relieve her so you both win. Remember, if you two become something greater or serious along the line, helping her will help your needs. You both win!


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Have a hustle too

OMG! In the past, I’ve heard many complaints about time from people who have too much time on their hands. If you date a woman who hustles, please be busy grinding for the glow up too! I am sure you have your own aspirations or at least I hope you do. But listen, if you have absolutely nothing going on for yourself and you are pursuing or courting a woman who is trying her best to grow or expand her empire, you have to match her hustle so you won’t feel neglected. Find something productive or impactful to do or move around.

Idle time is not your friend when you are trying to date someone who is in entrepreneurship. She’ll always seem to never have time for you. It’ll seem that way but that may not always be the case. With careful assessment, make sure you aren’t in idle before you claim lack of attention and more. Period. Point. Blank → You need a hustle too, my friend.


Dating someone who is focused on work can be challenging but when it’s time to rise up and receive all the rewards from the grind (considering the fact that you were an asset and dedicated rider), it’ll be well worth it. Some people won’t get this, but for those who have experienced the jealous partner, the careless decision maker, the clingy partner, or the partner who is around for selfish gain, this article is your voice.

Fellas, she’s focused on building a better life for generations to come. It’s not that she lacks interest (or maybe that is the case), but if you’re interested in seriously getting close to a woman who hustles, these are the minimal things needed to keep her attention and grow with her.

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