An Open Letter to the People Who Couldn’t Break Me

An Open Letter to the People Who Couldn’t Break Me

To the people who wished me the worse karma and spoke ill to me throughout the years:

It would be naive to think that everyone whos come into my path meant well for me. It would be ignorant and self-flattering to believe that everyone I loved, loved me back in the same way. It would also be silly to think that I had to prove something to people who blatantly told me that I would never be like my sister (with the assumption that it was my goal), that I think I am better than other people, that I am mean, that they hate the fact that “everyone thinks that I such a good girl” and I would be proven otherwise. I’ll stop here.



Man, it took a lot of fucking tears and struggle to get here. It took me losing my moms at 14. It took me losing my dad 9 years later in a really bad situation to get here today. You’ve watched and perhaps laughed while I suffered. Even when you heard about downfails that indirectly affected me, you smiled inside. I know you did. You’ve told me what I wasn’t capable of, you’ve talked about me and made it seem as if I was a horrible person, friend, mother, and more.


It’s all good because in reality, all you’ve ever done was woke a beasty woman who knows who she is today. You’ve contributed to my growing pains in the best way. I am extremely thankful for your harsh words and ill wishes. I thank you for dragging my name to people who have no clue about what’s going on. Thank you.


Because you’ve helped me more than you’ve hindered me. You’ve assisted me with building a sense of self. Because of you, I am a stronger woman who will never give up.


My whole life has been taken from what I thought was good and turned inside out. What I thought I knew and loved has been shaken into pieces and I’ve had to start over only to bloom into something so beautiful. I know, amazing right?


Before I spend more energy addressing you, I want you to know that you could never break me. You can’t break me because you didn’t make me. In fact, here’s 3 more undeniable reasons why you will never break me:


  • You aren’t my creator. You don’t get the last say unless the universe decides. The power you thought you had doesn’t exist.

  • I refuse to waste energy comparing my position to the position of others, especially you.

  • You can’t interrupt my vibration unless I give you permission. Again, you fail because you don’t own those keys.


The time it took for me to arrive in this space is the time you should’ve been focusing on the improvement of your own life. Because true kings and queens don’t take their eye off their own throne to address another’s throne and kingdom. That, my friend, is how you continue to lose yours.


Know what else you did for me? You’ve taught me quite a few lessons too:



  • You taught me that forgiveness is for me. The times I was bitter and angry did nothing but serve you my power on a platter. I’ve taken that back.

  • Solitude taught me more about myself than you’ve tried to teach me about me. Your attempts to belittle me, my competence, and ability to push through only speaks about your own insecurity and inability to perform. You should definitely get your weight up.

  • Lastly, you taught me how not to treat people I claim to love, support, and die for. You taught me how not to treat people I don’t need. You taught me the best lessons about what not to do.


You were the absolute best and worst thing that I’ve ever encountered, and I thank you because my pain blossomed into strength and forgiveness. Both have released me to liberating experiences.


Before you go, remember this: Everything you’re experiencing in your life is the universe repaying you for the exact energies you’ve put out. Good or bad.


Before you rain on someone else’s parade, know that karma keeps the best notes. What you put out, you get back.


Don’t leave now. I want you to see all of this success, grace and growth.


Look what you’ve started!


Take care.


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