5 Reminders That Your Pain Is the Path To Growth

5 Reminders That Your Pain Is the Path To Growth

Have you ever had a strength that surprised you? Thinking about the situations you’ve made it out of, you’d probably recognize that you aren’t as weak as you label yourself to be. That’s because every healing process is different. Literally, each experience you grow through requires a different you. The reason why you’ve survived more than you can imagine is that something prepared you to have the strength to do so.


You’ve taken some pretty hard blows, but you were never defeated. Be proud of yourself. As you continue to live and encounter hard times, hard decision-making, and hard emotions to get through this journey called life, you’ll build the mental muscle needed to protect who you are and what you stand for.

The hard part is dealing with the growing pains necessary to withstand trials in your life. You’ll need a deeper understanding of you as you reach new levels of strength. There will be a lot of confusion and questioning of yourself as you grow. You’d want to understand your ‘why’ even more such as the things that make you react, think and feel, and view certain areas of your life differently. You’d want to know why you feel opposite of what you find to be logical or practical. So many questions, so many emotions.

This IS the process. Gaining clarity hurts sometimes. So when you’re feeling inadequate, lost or not yourself, love yourself through it anyway and repeat these 5 reminders:

Reminder #1

Growth isn’t supposed to be comfortable. Improvements in any form live outside of your comfort zone. When you hurt yourself and you have to heal, physical or mental, the healing process seems long and uncomfortable but you always get through it. The things you’re feeling is no different. It is uncomfortable but worth it. Hang in there until growth takes its course.

Reminder #2

Having courage is a major component of your growth. Acknowledge that are courageous for actively protecting your energy. You can’t experience change and improvement without understanding how you function, what you need to survive, and what a well-balanced life looks like for you. You can not exercise any other action without the courage to do so. And, guess what? That is braver than most!

Reminder #3

Bravery is alive within you. You’re brave for getting your hands dirty in YOU. You’re brave for doing the self-work. Many people numb their pain with partying, sex, smoking, drinking, and working. They ignore their feelings, but you, you’re in the middle of it. You are facing the nasty, shameful parts of you to operate on a higher frequency. This is what it feels like; growing pains. It’s not fun, but it’s highly rewarding.

Reminder #4

Death is inevitable. You’re feeling pain because a part of you is dying. The parts of you that you’re letting go to birth an improved life is the death of your old self. Stay the course. Better days are waiting to meet you once you kill what’s holding you back. Remember, in order for things to get better, change has to happen. In order for change to happen, something has to die. Think of your experiences as death as the cause and growth is the effect. Something has to die in order for you to grow. Keep going!

Reminder #5

Losing is apart of the process. In order to win, you have to lose. You have to lose the things that once comforted you. You have to lose people who you thought would be around. You have to lose old ways of thinking. Lose old reactions. Old rules. Old boundaries. Old Habits. Old relationships. Pain and loss can coexist but none of them last forever.


Think of your pain as waves in the ocean. If you sit long enough on shore, old waves wash away and new waves come. Pain is similar. Healing may not happen as quickly as waves come and ago, but you can definitely rest assure that pain will not last forever.

Don’t question what’s wrong with you when you have a reaction that is out of the norm, your norm. If you know that you are on a self-awareness journey and you are actively doing the self-work, pain and discomfort are apart of your process.

You’re not crazy, this is what growing pains feel like. You’re not special enough to experience growth without discomfort. None of us are.

You’re not losing it, you’re hurting and healing simultaneously. This is what death and change feel like. The beauty of its purpose if far bigger than what you’re experiencing right now. Think of it as preparation for greatness. Who you were and the old things you’re used to can not exist in the same space of greatness you’re to live in.

When you’re at your lowest, remind yourself of your strength and remember this space isn’t a destination, it is simply apart of the path you must take to grow.

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