10 Uncomfortable Things That Happen When You Grow

10 Uncomfortable Things That Happen When You Grow

The term “growing pains” will never be so literal when your life starts to transition into a better version of you. Things will start to be different. Your perception about your environment will change. You’ll be forced to take the blurry goggles off and see life for what it truly is and who you are becoming through various experiences which unfortunately, includes pain.


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 Growth is silent. Because of this, you’ll grow mostly when you least expect it. In fact, a lot of things will come with discomfort. These things will mentally and spiritually elevate you much higher if you just let growth do what it’s supposed to do. There are 10 things you’ll come to realize when you grow:


You’ll feel isolated

One day you may be with your friends or the people you normally hang out with and feel out of place. You'll be in a city that no longer serves you. You may live with someone who you’ve grown apart from.


You’ll be more independent and open to doing things without them. Conversations will change and there will be more awkward silences than expected. This kind of isolation is simple: They didn’t change. You did, and that’s okay. Your next move is to re-evaluate your relationships and decide where the mutual benefit is. If there are some, nurture those. If not, cut ties.

A couple of journals to help you get it out your system!

 You’ll have a really strong desire to let people go

To my last point, this may be one of the hardest things you’ll have to do, but it’s absolutely necessary. I remember asking the universe to remove toxic people from my life that I was too blind to see or reveal the ones who didn’t mean well so I can remove them myself. To my surprise, it turned out to be a couple of the closest people in my life. This pierced my heart, but I knew I had to release them.


With that said, you will have a strong desire to let people go that have no purpose or reason for being in your life. You’ll value relationships that help you and relationships that allow you to add value to someone else’s life.


You’ll start realizing you’re more flawed that you thought

Being accountable is a huge part of maturing. As you grow and look at things in hindsight, you will understand and admit that you were the problem in many situations. Whether you were the cause of a failing relationship or the reason why you were fired, you’ll understand why you are in the position you’re in today. Admission is a huge part of growth. Realizations of your faults come with improvements down the line. Embrace this lesson.

The best project you’ll ever work on is you
— Sonny Franco


You’ll stop caring about what people think

At some point in your life, no matter the age of acceptance, you’ll accept who you are (the parts that you would never change) and who you are not. You'll have a “this is what it is and who I am” attitude towards a lot of things and people. You’ll begin to understand that people will never be satisfied and it’s not your responsibility to make them happy. You will understand that you are responsible for your own happiness.


You’ll take more risks

Growing pains help you realize that the decisions you make need to be more intentional. You've probably lost more than you can think of but embrace change more now than ever. Taking risks will be uncomfortable but also the most liberating. You won’t settle for comfort because you know happiness is on the other side of that. You'll know that risks and being uncomfortable will produce amazing experiences and results!


You’ll value your time more than anything else

You would’ve met enough liars and people with ill intent by now. You'll understand that the most valuable thing you have is your time. Your time is a limited commodity with an expiration date on it. You’ll refuse to distribute your energy and time to random people and things that don’t hold your best interest at heart. Again, you will be more intentional and calculated with your decision-making.

There’s nothing wrong with being selfish with the best you
— Charles Waller

You wouldn’t want to do the “fun” things you used to do

When we’re young, we do some of the most thoughtless shit and call it fun. As we get older, most of us get worn out doing these things. “Fun” now becomes a learning experience. You’ll be excited about different cultures, traveling to see the world, saving money, meeting new people and more. Fun is now in experiences that feed the soul. Discomfort comes when you can’t share it with the people you’d thought would be around. Or, when you refuse to let go of the things that don’t feed your soul any longer.


You won’t regret the mistakes you’ve made

You’ll admit that you’ve made mistakes and know that those mistakes don’t define who you are. The decisions you’ve made are the only reason why you’ve become the person you are today. You’ll turn L’s (losses) into lessons. You’ll accept what’s been done and own what’s to come.

Growth is some powerful shit if we let it do what’s it’s supposed to do.
— IG: @thesinglemomsuniversitee


You’ll trust less people

You'll be wiser, stronger, and smarter. Your discernment to detect the intentions of others are on full alert. You'll embrace individuality. You'll admire the free-spirited. However, you'll live by the “actions over words” mantra the more you grow because people will let you down. They are human and they will teach you how to treat them. You'll allow people to show you who they really are with less words. For some, this will feel weird, like you’re buggin’ out. Ignore those thoughts. You’d be much more reliable on your gut and you would’ve seen enough to know what’s real and what’s not.



You’ll continuously search for your truth

Acceptance is your best friend, your ace, and your ride or die mechanism in life. When things aren’t aligned, you’ll seek to find out why. Because happiness comes in waves, you’ll be quicker to search for it during the lows of your life. You’d want to know how you could’ve handled a situation better. Perhaps, you’ll see why things are unfolding the way they are. Or, you’ll be open to not trying to figure it out at all. The answer always comes either way when you take the time to look for it.

You can’t grow without discomfort. You can’t be happy without struggle of some sort. When you mature and take the time to understand yourself and the direction you life has been going, you’ll be in a better position to change the narrative of your story and improve your quality of life altogether.


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