Solopreneur Kickstarter

Solopreneur Kickstarter

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Don't just look professional, be professional in all regards. The Solopreneur Kickstarter Kit is the best resource for new and seasoned business owners who want to get a tight hold on where there is business is going.

This kit was created to help you get organized, automated, and protected. As your business grows, clients and brands will request to work with you. You'll be well prepared with this kit.

Business Kit includes:

  • Focus or Fail Success Guide for Solorpreneurs (15 - pages)
  • Solopreneur Biz Checklist
  • Solopreneur Website Checklist
  • Relationship Builder Cheat Sheet
  • Client Experience Cheat Sheets
  • Service Contract Template (Word Format Only)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Template ((Word Format Only)
  • Termination of Relationship Letter Template (Word Format Only)
  • Policy Examples

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