Top 5 Affordable Makeup Products For Women of Color

Top 5 Affordable Makeup Products For Women of Color

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You can wear makeup without feeling or looking like you have a lot on. Some women like to be "beat". Many others like natural enhancing makeup. Personally, I've always been a fan of natural makeup with a bold lip. I hate to look at myself and think I am a totally different person, but I get that we are all different.

I don't wear makeup everyday. I am a tomboy at heart, but when I do where makeup, I use the best products for my skin type and complexion. I have dry, extremely sensitive skin. Many things break me out so I have to watch what I use. With that being said, I get asked two things all the time, what foundation do I like and what lippie am I wearing. 


With that being said, I always explain that no one is one complexion and I wear about 2 different shade of cream foundation.

I always apply my foundation first but of course there is more than one way to skin a cat. As stated, I have super dry skin so I need moisture and primer before I apply any foundation.


I highly recommend Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream for daily moisturizing and/or before you apply foundation. Make sure your skin is free of product before you apply it. I love this product because it is light on the skin and helps the foundation application go on smoother.


For primer, I’ve seen quite a bit used. I personally will use Becca’s Ever-Matte Poreless protector in oil spots (T zone and upper lip areas). Or, if needed I will definitely pull out the Pepto Bismol especially if I am going to be in a super humid spot. Nevertheless, use a primer that works well with your skin.


After you’ve done your typical prep work, it’s time to apply the makeup. Here are my top 5 favorite products that my ladies can afford and wear no matter the occasion:



Black Opal: I absolutely love this cream stick because it blends very nice with the skin. I’ve used it on clients and I wear it myself. The key to wearing the right colors is customization. Always get 2-3 shades of foundation.


We are not one shade in any form or fashion. Therefore, wearing one shade will make you look one-dimensional when you are so much more than that! These babies are super affordable and easy to mix. Choose a shade closest to your color. Also, choose a shade or two that is lighter than your natural color (for highlighting). Choose a shade or two that is darker than your shade as well (for contouring). The purpose of getting 2-3 colors is to customize the shades to your exact color. If neither shade is your color, add a lighter or darker shade to the foundation that is closest to yours until you get the right color.


We don’t want to see you out and about looking questionable, sis. I say that with love. When you take pictures, your makeup should blend seamlessly and it should match your neck, chest, and ears.


Pro Tip: Always set your foundations with a pressed powder (excluding powder foundations) . Then use a loose powder once you’ve set your foundation in place. I am jumping ahead a bit so keep reading!


Next up, after you’ve applied your highlight and contour and have set them with a pressed powder, use a loose powder to on your highlighter to enhance it for a nice matte or glowy look. Personally, I am a huge fan of a Sascha Buttercup Setting Powder. I apply it with Real Techniques Sponges and allow it to sit while I do my eyebrows and eyeshadow then I remove it with a large fan brush.

It's my favorite to date. plus, it's very inexpensive!



Another product I can’t live without is Inglot’s Duraline. OMG! This product is such a good asset to have for dried out gel liner. I usually use this baby with Inglot’s Black Gel Liner, #77. It will make the liner darker and it will “liven” up the product if you haven't used it in a while and it gets dried out. This is a definite need!




After I am done with my entire face, I spray with Mac Fix+ to help it settle into my skin. It’s weightless and really helps my entire application blend better since it's great for hydration.

Pro Tips:  Mac Fix+ can also be used as primer, used on your beauty blender when blending your concealer, and used to make your eye shadows more vibrant and pigmented (spray on your brush not on the product).


For lips, my favorite company is Dose of Colors. I’ve had people take pictures of my lipsticks because they do not move after I have a drink (or 3). They lighten a bit after I eat, but they do stain the lips so I never have to worry about taking a picture without any color on. Please take my word for it and find out for yourself. My faves are Mood, Kiss of Fire, Cork, Chocolate Wasted, Berry Me 2, and Pinky Promise.

There are several products that I use to make my daily face work for me but these are always my go to products for any occasion. Black Opal has several shades that are great for women of color. Dose of colors has long lasting colors that anyone can use. Hope these tips help!

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