The Real Reasons Why Your Hair Won't Grow

The Real Reasons Why Your Hair Won't Grow

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When I was in the salon, I used to get clients who wanted their hair to grow but did the total opposite of what they were told to do because they were too impatient to wait on the process of hair growth. Growing your hair can be easier said than done for some people because they have hereditary challenges to deal with. Each person has different needs to help their hair grow. However, the following 5 things are the worst things you’re probably doing to stop hair growth:




Over processing with chemicals

Usually my DIY (do-it-yourself) home hair stylists are guilty of this one. Most of the people who style at home with chemicals, purchase hair color and relaxers to use. The issue here is the hair can only take so much and it needs consistent attention to remain healthy. Each time a chemical is used on a hair follicle, it breaks the follicle down. It becomes weaker. That's why when and if you do use a relaxers, you need to shampoo with a neutralizer (to remove the relaxer chemicals) and also use a shampoo that has protein in your hair (to add strength back to your hair). I typically like to shampoo three times (neutralizer + neutralizer + protein shampoo).

Recommended Protein/Keratin Shampoo + Conditioner



Also, when and if you use such chemicals, watch your timing. Watch how often you lighten your hair and watch how often you relax your hair. Please know that a relaxer should not be used from roots to ends on your hair. It is for your new growth only. Also, a relaxer and lightener shouldn't not be used simultaneously. I've seen this too many times before; your hair will fall out.


To be honest, some licensed stylists who aren't as dedicated to keeping hair healthy over process chemicals on their clients. They do not say "no" as often as they should for whatever reason (usually because of money). Whatever you decide to use as far as chemicals on your hair, make sure you are assessing changes in your hair as you use it. If you see results you do not want, stop and consult a professional. Or, tell your stylist that you want to get back to healthy. He/she will or should be delighted to help you do so.



Using one product

Learn to cocktail your products. Your hair most likely needs more than one product to help you maintain your beauty goals. Think about the things that your hair does the most. Does it break? Is it dry? Is it too oily? Does it shed more than usual?


Note: Know the difference between breakage and your hair falling out (your entire follicle has left the scalp).  Depending on the density of your hair, your hair is supposed to shed at least 100 strands per day (or more if your hair is "thick"). You are not having a life crisis!


Using more than one product on your hair is similar to eating more than one healthy food to nourish your body to maintain or reach a health goal. It tackles one or more area that is lacking. Here are a few examples of hair combos that might help you out:


  • Breakage: Use a moisture shampoo + protein conditioner
  • Dandruff: try a cleansing shampoo + non-leave-in detangle conditioner + witch-hazel or similar. Apply with applicator bottle and massage your scalp before shampooing.
  • Restoration for edges: Use peppermint oil + protein conditioner together (do not use oil directly on your scalp)
  • Moisture: Use moisturizing conditioner + heat (dryer or steamer)

Recommended moisture shampoo + conditioner: 




Keeping your dead ends

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your hair is not longer with dead ends. With dead ends, your hair is in ICU. Dead hair is the reason why your hair won't curl right at the ends and it looks fried. Dead ends will break up the shaft towards your scalp. Your hair will shed terribly because of it.

There are few things that cause dead ends: too much heat, too many chemicals, matting and breakage, and new hair growth. No matter your decision to be natural or chemically treated, you should religiously keep your ends clipped.

Not only does it look polished, but your hair will grow at a healthy rate. Your styled presentation will be amazing too!

Every two weeks or at the rate your hair grows, you should clip your ends. If your hair is too damaged, you need a full haircut to get your hair back healthy. Clip your ends after every relaxer. Keep your hair on the right path!





My ladies who wear hair extensions and braids, let your hair breathe sometimes. The pressure of your hair being tight, braided, and stabilized for long period of time is a problem.. Some, not all, people can't handle sew-ins and braids or the combo of the two every appointment.


I'll say this again: your hair sheds every day. If your hair is braided all the time, no matter the style, it needs to be detangled and treated at some point. Your ends needs to be clipped, your scalp needs attention.

There is nothing wrong with keeping it cute, but you have to take care of your natural hair to maintain its beauty.

Another way to suffocate your hair is a quick weave (or pronto) if it is not protected and left on your hair/head longer than one week and a half to two weeks. Glue plus hair extensions are not a great option to use to begin with. However if you must, please braid your natural hair underneath and use a stocking cap before applying glue. I've seen neck strips with foam used as well. When you remove your extensions, wash them out. Do not pull, and "yank" your extensions. You don't know where the glue settled and your parameter and edges could be at risk.



You have hair goals but those goals won't meet themselves sis. If you want to keep a certain look and level of healthiness, you have to stay consistent with maintenance. Consistency is the key to everything in life and that especially includes your hair!


Bonus: Visit a doctor

As I've stated before, some of us have hereditary challenges to deal with. The suggestions mentioned in this blog are very basic and will not apply to everyone. You may need medical help to attain your hair goals. There’s nothing wrong with that. A trichologist will be able to tell you more about scalp issues. If you start taking different medicines, this could cause a side effect with hair growth as well. Your doctor should be able to tell you side effects of different medicines that will affect your hair growth. Your stylist can only do so much. If your issues are serious, please don't hesitate to visit a doctor.


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