How to Determine If Your Virgin Hair Extension Investment Was Worth It

How to Determine If Your Virgin Hair Extension Investment Was Worth It

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I hear ladies complain all the time about the investment of buying bundles or virgin human hair. "It's a car note, that is too much money just for hair, you are crazy as hell for buying that". I totally get the mindset of these women. Simply put, you will not invest in what you don't value (Tweet that so I know it's real).


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If you do not see the value in purchasing hair at $250 - $800+ then you are probably one of the women who think it's a waste of money. Well, if you are pro-virgin hair like myself, you already know you will drop out some coins for some good, quality human hair. The thing is, a lot of us don't know where the best hair is or what to look for as far as length, weft, and maintenance after water hits it (this is where most hair companies fail you).


Why pay so much for hair anyway?

Ladies who invest (because there is a beneficial return on the investment at play) hard earned money into bundles or virgin human hair are usually in it for a long-term commitment. This means they traditionally wear extensions all the time and know that they will spend more money buying beauty supply or store bought hair every appointment. No shade to my beauty supply hair buyers because your girl will slang a long synthetic ponytail or ninja bun in a min.


With the best virgin hair, you can shampoo and the curl pattern you purchased the hair in returns to its natural state. It doesn’t shed as often as inexpensive hair. Quality hair can tolerate heat. From my experience, cheap hair may or may not curl the first time around. It also may or may not keep a curl or stay in the curl pattern like expected. It could smell burned if too much heat is used (depending on the fibers in the hair purchased). Also, it may or may not re-curl after that first hairstyle.


How do I know what I am getting if I've never bought this type of hair before?

Here's the thing, you won't know until you get it. Every buyer has their own needs. What everyone else likes, you may not like. Test and try hair until you find what suits you. It's all in the preference.


It depends on what you want the hair for and how long you plan on keeping it. If you want to use chemicals on the hair multiple times, you have to make sure your investment will give you the results you want.

Recommended: Runway Riches Hair Extensions - This hair curls great after heat and chemicals. From my experience, it doesn't tangle and the wefts are thick and full.

Social proof may help with your buying decision, but ultimately you won't know until you know. When looking for social proof, look for more than the company's website reviews. Companies who have reviews on their website are very good to have, especially if there are a lot. You should also look for a public platform with honest reviews, comments or discussions about the hair of the company or the company itself. Just check the comment sections on social media and form your opinion from there.


When you get the hair, please test it or have your stylist tell you if you have the right hair for your goals. Wearing and testing your hair will tell you if your investment was a pass or a fail.




What kinds of test should I or my stylist perform?

The tests you or your stylist should perform are the heat, shampoo, and color tests.

  • Heat test: Curl the hair and see if the curl will stay in the pattern and for how long. If it smells burnt, you have a problem.

  • Shampoo: Brush the hair to detangle it then shampoo it. Afterwards, let it air dry. If the hair will not shed or mat when water hits it and it will return back to its natural state, you're good to go! If not, abort! You have another problem.

  • Color test: I do not recommend this to people who aren't licensed or familiar with how color works but you can put lightner on a portion of the hair and leave it just to see how high of a level it will lift. I've bleached a client's hair that turned purple or pink. I've also bleached hair that only lifted to a honey blonde color.


The whole point is to make sure you know who you are buying from before you invest $250 - 800+ in bundles. Get the social proof you need and make sure the hair you buy will produce the results you desire. If you've purchased hair and want to know the bare minimum about your investment, do the tests above and make your own synopsis.


Have you had any hair extension nightmares? Share in the comments below.

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